The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins

IMG_2288-2The book kept turning up on my best seller list. So I had to read it. My daughter in law gave me a gift coupon to a popular book store in Chennai which I splurged on four novels, one of them being, The Girl On The Train.

I loved the book and I read it in one day. The easy flow of the language was an added bonus.

The story is narrated by three women and not one of them is a reliable person. Without exception they are all unsteady characters – cheat, alcoholic, manipulative. This makes the narration all the more interesting. Nice girls are boring, right?

Wee bit of the story. Rachel travels by the same train every day, which stops at a red signal without fail. She looks into the houses beyond the tracks and imagines the lives of the people she sees for a moment twice every day. She is particularly interested in a couple and thinks them to be the happiest couple on earth and compares her shattered horrible existence with them. But one day while she looks out of her train window, she sees the woman with another man in an amorous interlude. Later when the papers announce that the woman was missing, presumed dead and the husband was the main suspect, she feels that she has to step in and set matters right.

The story takes off from there at an express train speed and does not stop till the culprit is apprehended.

The story is told as a first person account of Rachel the woman on the train, Megan the woman who goes missing and Anna the second wife of Tom, Rachel’s husband. The only thing that I found a little lame was the killer narrating the sequence of events to Rachel and Anna in the last chapter. It was as if the author wanted every bit of the tale to be bundled and neatly tied and served to the readers.

I would definitely recommend this fast faced psychological thriller to kill a boring afternoon or take with you for holiday reading.



3 thoughts on “The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins

  1. As always, inspirational writing. I hope one day you write a novel for the fans of your blog.

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