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One of most colourful plants that can be grown with minimum fuss is the coleus plant.

They look lovely in your garden. On your balcony. In your portico. They can be kept indoors with occasional trips to the outdoors avoiding the direct mid day sunlight.

My garden is full of these delightful plants, all propagated from  a tiny sapling which I bought  for Rs.50, from a nursery near my house.

There are many varieties of Coleus. But I have just this one colourful species.

They need adequate water. See that the topsoil does not dry out.

The only fertilizer I have given them is the ‘manure’ we get from the nursery. About once a year, I loosen the topsoil and then add the manure and I am done.

That’s why I call my hobby, Simple Gardening.

DSC_0131        DSC_0138     Gardening by: Gulsum.


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