I’d like to…


I have this burning desire

to do something in life

nothing too wonderful, mind you

like running the country

or being the first woman on the moon.

Just little things

which to you or her

is trivial and within easy reach.

I’d like to start a business

something small scale would do

just to show my successful brother

I can be as enterprising as you.

I’s like to drive a car in a rally

join a mountain trekking troupe

maybe take up cinema photography

I really love the hang of it.

I’d like to direct a stage play

and act in in too.

I know I can do justice

to any role I’m called on to do.

I’d like to do something

something besides being

wife, mother and nursery teacher.

So many options they say

are open to woman these days.

But sad to say

the closed doors of my old world home

are still

very hard to budge.

By: Gulsum Basheer

Published in Indian Express-Youthink. 3-9-1986.


3 thoughts on “I’d like to…

  1. Lovely Poem. It probably echoes the thoughts of many bright and intelligent women who have not been encouraged to break out of the invisible shackles placed on them by their families.

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